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Lion Hunts

Lion Hunting with One On One Adventures:


The South West United States carries the reputation of legendary lion hunters. There are other places that produce larger lions or carry a higher population but it is the South West that holds the crown for great lion hunters. The arid conditions over rugged terrain have forced the development of cold nosed hounds and backbone in guides that cannot be compared anywhere else. Here in New Mexico I specialize in pursuing American Lion using the same traditional methods as those before me which includes the use of mules, horses & hounds to cover large amounts of mountain country. This is it; the finest and most intellectual style of pursuing these great, mysterious animals. Whether you are looking for a trophy or just a photo opportunity this hunt will take place as it did a 100 years ago.


My lion hunting package cost $7000.00 includes everything but your license and gear.

All prices posted on this webpage include not only the trip cost but also include new mexico gross tax fees, us forest service 3% gross fees, and blm 3% fees. These are within the price for customer simplicity.


The hunt itself will start early in the morning similar to most hunting and followed by extensive horseback riding over steep rocky terrain. Client is expected to be in top physical condition and willing to follow guides and hounds at a reasonable pace throughout the day normally getting in about 3pm. This hunt usually runs about 50% success with 100% satisfaction.